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Myriad - Mona Hanna

This was the first fiction book I self published. I'm going to release a revised, longer version next year. I'm not sure when - it depends when my editor can get to it. I've gone over it a lot, and will do so some more. I hope to improve it a great deal. I'm relatively pleased with my other books, but this one was never successful and it really is flawed. Hopefully the revised version will be more enjoyable. I didn't initally realize the book was so flawed but it was my first fiction book and I think I've learned a lot about writing since then. I'm sorry I released a book that wasn't very good, but I'm trying to correct my mistake :)

Pirate Deadpool. For Grim :)



But you'll never be kittens sitting in beach chairs wearing sunglasses cool.

Problem With Book Title

I've nearly finished my latest book, the sequel to High Witch Next Generation. The problem is I can't think of a title. So far they both have the same title:


High Witch Next Generation (Generations Book 1)

High Witch Next Generation (Generations Book 2)


The covers are completely different, and the second cover has Book 2 on it.


Is this acceptable for naming the second book, or could it be a problem? This isn't a serial, just a regular series of novellas. Please let me know what you think :)





Sorry about the different size images.







Got this book as a Christmas gift. Finished colouring one of them. I really enjoy doing this :)

Lucy's Wish Free

Lucy's Wish - Mona Hanna

My book Lucy's Wish is free 23rd to 25th November at Amazon sites.


Thanks, Mona

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Merry Christmas! :) <3

Ahahahaha! Weirdest looking puppy ever :)

Jane the Virgin

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Binge watching this show on Netflix. Thanks to whoever mentioned it on Booklikes - I think it was Grim but sorry if I got that wrong. It's such a good show! I love the narrator :) And I think I'm in love with Rafael lol :)


Posting a photo of my cat because of reasons :)

Books for 2016

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I have plans to release two new books in 2016, both of which have been started. Release dates are just estimates at this stage but I will update you once I know more.



High Witch Next Generation Book 2



The first book I plan on releasing is the sequel to High Witch Next Generation (Generations Book 1).


I don’t have a title or blurb yet, but I designed a draft cover for now. The book continues the story of Erica and Gareth, but another main character is James, one of Hallie’s twin sons. I would like this book published by June 2016 at the latest.



Seventh Daughter





Sixteen year old Kamelia grows up in a time where witches and warlocks live among everyone else, but she has no powers. Her life is ordinary and boring until she begins receiving dark visions of people dying. Only her friend Beth believes her – her mother thinks it’s all in her mind. She’s tortured by the visions and doesn’t understand how someone who isn’t a witch could have a power.


Then she comes across Gilean. Only hours before she sees the young man dying in an accident, and manages to save his life. She doesn’t understand what’s going on or why this vision led to something real. Is there something special about Gilean? Was she meant to save him? Was he involved in all this?


She doesn’t know what the truth is. She just knows something is horribly, horribly wrong.


I aim to publish this book by December 2016.



I’ll keep you all updated with my progress.


Love, Mona :)


It's so hot!

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At midnight it was 80 degrees. It's six am and it's now 75 degrees. The max temperature for today is 80, which is fine for day time but terrible at night. I couldn't sleep (I also had a stomach ache) so will hopefully nap later if it's cooler. Stupid Australian weather. And it's not even summer yet!

High Witch News

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High Witch (High Witch Book 1) (Volume 1) - Mona Hanna

Hi everyone. I have a couple of things to mention about my book High Witch. I have a paperback giveaway on Goodreads for 5 copies, open internationally. Details here:


There's 2400 entries so far! Woohoo!


Also, for any of you who have read the book, I created a quiz on Goodreads. You don't have to have a Goodreads account to do the quiz. I just thought it would be fun :)


Just a quick reminder that the ebook of High Witch is free at all major retailers.


Thanks, Mona :D

Lucy's Wish Free Today

Lucy's Wish - Mona Hanna

My book Lucy's Wish is free for the next 24 hours only at Amazon. Link below.


Love Mona :)

Overly personal post

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Sorry guys, I've just had a terrible week and wanted to vent. Feel free to stop reading here.


I take medication for depression and my psychiatrist recently changed my medication to something different. The side effects of the drug I was on before were quite bad and I wasn't doing well emotionally. I switched to the new drug at the start of this week, so have been emotionally very up and down as the medicine should take a while to work properly. I've also been feeling quite sick from withdrawing from the old drug - nausea and insomnia. I'm improving every day, though, so hopefully I'll be fine soon enough.


The worst thing that happened, though, was today I found out my mother had stopped taking her medication for schizophrenia a month ago. I moved in with her five years ago to take care of her when her mental illness became severe, and she was hospitalised. She finally agreed to take medication for the first time EVER at the time, despite being diagnosed twelve years before. In Australia you can't force a mentally ill person to take their medication unless they're a danger to themselves or others.


Anyway my mum was doing quite well for a long time, but a couple of months ago had pain in her legs which wouldn't go away, and walking was very hard. She refused to see her doctor but finally asked to go to hospital to have tests done. They said the pain was from old age, so I bought her a walker and a shower chair, and she stopped being in pain.


But I found out today she stopped taking her medication since the hospital visit. She told me not to buy it anymore. She was convinced the pills were what caused her leg pain, and thinks the reason she doesn't feel leg pain anymore is because she stopped taking them.


I begged and pleaded and argued with her for a long time, and she finally agreed to take her medication. I gave it to her and I'll do that every day from now on. She was trustworthy with taking her medication for years but not any more.


But what if she says no tomorrow? I'm scared but will have to deal with that if it happens. I'm also concerned she may have some psychotic episodes in the future because she was off her pills for a while, although her behaviour has been normal so far.


So that's what's happening. I can cope with it but next week I'm buying five kittens :) Or at least a pretty dress and all the cupcakes. I hope things work out. Worst week in a while :(


Twilight Tenth Anniversary/Life and Death Dual Edition - Stephenie Meyer

DNF at page 38. It's almost identical to the original except for different names. I'm very bored and I find the writing awkward. I thought Twilight was written well but I'm not enjoying this at all so I give up. There's nothing to look forward to because it's all the same scenes. I read a spoiler in another review and know the ending is different, but even if it's good I can't wade through a boring book to get there.