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Twilight Tenth Anniversary/Life and Death Dual Edition - Stephenie Meyer

Boy Rosalie is named Royal. What the hell kind of name is Royal? If there was ever a book where you can't use gender nuetral names... Also lol at the descriptions of the Cullens. The girls seem masculine and the boys seem feminine. Like Meyer was imagining her original characters and trying so hard to make the opposite gender version look like them. Royal has long blond hair worn in a bun. It doesn't work very well. I like how Edythe was described though. Finally WE GET BEAU IS TALL. WE GET IT. STOP TELLING US. Grrrr.

New shoes!
New shoes!

There is going to be much falling over and hurting myself :)

As much as I couldn't get through the whole Twilight series because the second book made me ill, I did really like the first book so am looking forward to this. I've seen all the movies.

Grim! Romanian Deadpool.

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My 'evil super villain' fake nails. Now to make a coat out of dalmatians :)

HWNG Paperback Now Available

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Hi everyone! I’m pleased to announce I’ve just released the paperback of my book High Witch Next Generation. It’s currently available on Amazon and will be on other online retailers soon. Below is the blurb and links for purchasing the ebook.



This series is a spin off to my High Witch Series.


Seventeen years have passed since Ariel and Hallie worked together to defeat Innes. The child High Witches Erica and Julia are now teenagers, facing their own challenges.


When Erica meets Gareth, she feels excited that she may have found her first love and wants to see him as much as possible. But a vision featuring Erica and the dreaded test darkens her world and leaves her wondering who the mysterious blond man from her vision is.


Gareth is falling for Erica, but he’s hiding a dark secret. If she knew, she would despise him forever. He hates deceiving her but feels trapped. He has to choose between saving his father or protecting the woman he’s falling in love with. He can’t bear to hurt either, but a dark stranger has other ideas.


This is a NOVELLA of approximately 22,000 words.


Amazon * Amazon UK * iTunes * Barnes & Noble * Kobo * Google Play



Special thanks to Jessica for helping me when I posted about the book cover a little while ago.


Thanks, Mona :)




Transformers cake! Grim, look!

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Help with Book Cover

Hi guys


I'm currently putting together the paperback for my recent release High Witch Next Generation. I'm having trouble with the cover. The images on the cover have a wash over them to make the image less bright. When I create the file for the paperback cover the images look darker than I'd like. This is normal with paperbacks but I'm not sure if it's working in this case.



This is what I want the cover to look like.




This is how the paperback cover is coming out.



I think I should keep working on the paperback cover to make it less dark but I'm not sure if I'll ever get a result I like. Do you think the second image looks okay? Please let me know.


Thanks, Mona

Reading progress update: I've read 23%.

Mad, Bad, and Dangerous in Plaid - Suzanne Enoch

This is going to take a while. Snuggle time? Nope :(

Reading progress update: I've read 16%.

Mad, Bad, and Dangerous in Plaid - Suzanne Enoch

I'm enjoying this. I haven't read a historical romance in a while. There is some head hopping, which I don't like, but there seems to only be two POVs and the head hopping is minimal. It's the third in a series and I haven't read the first two but they focus on different characters, so I'm able to keep up mostly fine. The chemistry between the two MCs is lovely. Looking forward to more.

Will you do the Fandango?


And BAM! the song is now in your head :)


Gold Box Deal of the Day at Amazon

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Amazon has up to 80% off over 70 comics, graphic novels and sci-fi Kindle books today only.


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I'm not sure when "today" ends - which time zone - but I thought I'd mention it anyway.


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I really hate to do this... But I need your help...

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Last Thursday Lissa (my better half) and I adopted a new cat.


She is gorgeous, the sweetest little thing ever. She loves cuddles and is so squee she made my heart melt... And I'm not swayed easily. 


But when we got her home we noticed something was wrong, see she sneezed on Lissa and the discharge was streaked with blood and one of her hind legs didn't move properly... We took her to the vet. They ran blood tests and determined she had a cold like infection. They did X-rays and then we got some bad news.


This sweet, adorable little one year old cat had been living wild in the middle of nowhere in Australia. She has scarred little ears. She's skinny and small... And she was hit by a car. Her pelvis and leg had been broken and her hip had been dislocated. The fractures healed quite well, if not perfectly, but the dislocation didn't. The ball at the top of the femur is out of place and needs surgery to fix it.


The diagnosis cost us nearly $600. The surgery could cost us another 1500. We need help.


We have set up a GOfundme account to help raise $2000 to cover all the vets bills.


We want to make her life as happy and comfortable as we can. And we want her to be healthy...


Please help us.

Racism, I think.

I had a bad altercation today, which I think had something to do with racism. I live in Australia, and I was born here and have lived here all my life. My parents are Egyptian so my appearance is one of Middle Eastern descent.


I must say first up I have a real issue with people being chivalrous to me. I know that's weird, but I don't like people holding door open for me, unless it just natural to stop a door hitting me. I don't like people allowing me to go ahead of them, especially if they are at the place first. And I don't like people stopping their cars for me to cross the street, unless it's at a marked pedestrian crossing. I realise this is strange, but it's just how I am.


Today I was waiting to cross the street. I wasn't at a marked pedestrian crossing but there is a place in the middle of the road there for people to stop to wait for cars, I think because there's a school nearby. Anyway a car stopped for me, and I waited for him to keep going. This is what I usually do. He stayed still. I waited some more then waved for him to go, then walked away and swore because he wouldn't move.


The man wound down his passenger window and stuck up his mddle finger at me and started yelling at me. He said something like he was just stopping to let me go first. I stuck my middle finger up at him and told him to piss off. He drove off then pulled over and got out of his car.


I thought "Shit," and quickly crossed the street. He kept yelling at me and I said piss off again. He ended with "Go to hell you fat slug."


I was quite shaken by this. I kept walking towards the shopping centre where I was headed, looking over my shoulder to make sure he left. He finally did. I then went to the gym where I was headed and went about my day, but I was quite freaked out.


Let me say I know I started this and I know I was rude to the man. But I felt rolling down his window to yell at me, then actually getting out of his car to yell at me, seemed to me quite a severe reaction. I have to wonder if I was a pretty skinny white woman if he would have had the same reaction. Was he so upset because I'm an overweight woman of Arabic descent? Did my appearance offend him so much, or was it just my attitude? I'm not sure if he would have yelled at a pretty white woman. I come across racism all the time, usually without me doing anything, so I'm not sure if what happened had anything to do with that.


I know the situation was partly my fault but I felt the guy overreacted. I'm a very short unfit woman, and he was a big guy, so how could he not see him getting out of his car and yelling at me would be very threatening? It scared the crap out of me!


Sorry for bothering you guys with this story. Feel free to tell me I'm an idiot. I probably was.