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Reminding Me of You

Reminding Me of You - Kathy Bosman This was such a sweet story. I really enjoyed reading about Mia and Bryn and Luke. The story was quite short, but had a lot of emotion and I could really sense what Mia was feeling and thinking. I felt an attachment to her - could understand why she was falling in love, could feel her pain over choosing between the two men she cared about. Her romance with Bryn was so sweet and loving, and I fell in love with him too. He was handsome, warm, kind, gentle. There were a lot of coincidences in the story but that was alright - it was a short and sweet read, not a huge novel where the plot needed to be perfect. I found it adorable, and it warmed my heart a great deal. I'm so glad I read this, and will likely read other books by this author, as this was very satisfying. I really enjoyed it, so much. It was so cute!