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New Moon

New Moon - Stephenie Meyer

I had to give up on this book after reading about a third. I won't give it a rating because I didn't finish it. I mostly enjoyed Twilight, and found it quite seductive and addictive, but New Moon was just too depressing for me. I felt like Bella was going to kill herself over a boy. It was too sad for me. I can't read a book where the main character has no hope unless her boyfriend loves her. It's such a dangerous, disturbing attitude.

Twilight had that disturbing element, too, but I was too absorbed by the romance to care. But there was no romance in what I read of New Moon; just a sad girl who seemed bent on putting herself in danger. Over a boy. It scared the crap out of me. I hate her dependence on Edward. I hate his dependence on her, when he says things like he would kill himself when she dies. Gross. I just couldn't take it any more. Too distressing for a girl like me. I need sunshine and rainbows. Reality's depressing enough.