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Big Girls Do It Better (Erotic Romance) Book 1

Big Girls Do It Better - Jasinda Wilder This was really cute. It's not a complete story - it's a very short beginning of a series of short books. I think each book is like a couple of chapters, but this was still quite satisfying. It's a story about Anna, a girl who is overweight, who works as a singer and DJ. She meets Chase, a singer in a rock band, and shortly after meeting they spend the night together. Yes, this book is mostly about their physical encounter, but the message it sends was lovely - Anna is quite big, and Chase was incredibly attracted to her none-the-less.

I like that Anna was actually big - I hate it so much when an "overweight" character in a book is a size 12 (Australian size 16), when to me this is still an average size. Anna is a size 18 (Australian size 22), so I was able to identify with her as that's about my size too. It might seem weird that I want her to be big, but there's no point writing a story about a man liking a larger girl's size when she's only medium size. It's a joke.

Chase was incredibly attracted to Anna, both emotionally and physically, and loved how she looked. Not just tolerated that she was bigger, but loved it. It was nice. I often think I'd have to lose a lot of weight for a guy to be even remotely attracted to me, but maybe it's possible for a guy to like me as me. Sure, maybe guys like Chase don't exist - but if this book can make me feel better about my appearance, make me feel that maybe I'm actually beautiful - then it's doing something pretty good.