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Teen Fury: Unleashed

Teen Fury: Unleashed - Amanda Torrey Ryder *sigh*

I really liked this book. I wasn't sure what to expect, but I thought it worked really well. I enjoyed reading about the Furies and about Lord Mercy, and I did like Felicia a lot. She has more guts than some other YA female main characters, who don't seem to have much substance. She was a real character, with depth and integrity, and I liked her. And she had powers! I love a girl with powers.

What I liked:

* The book started well and ended well. The last third was great. It ended neatly - no cliffhanger or need to read another book to get resolution.

* I liked Ryder a lot, and Corey and Jade. Corey is a sweetie. Initially I didn't know what to make of Ryder, thinking he'd be a typical arrogant male lead who I'd want to punch, but he turned out lovely in the end. I don't want to give spoilers, but he was a great character. And he seemed gorgeous :)

* I thought the book was well written, and I didn't notice mistakes. I liked that it was about Furies, instead of vampires or werewolves. That was different, and kept me reading. It had an interesting story line, and a lot of substance.

What I didn't like:

None of these were big issues.

* We really never got a physical description of Felicia, which really annoyed me. About half way through we learn she has brown hair, but I don't know how tall she is, or her eye color. It would have helped me to visualise her much better if we got a physical description early on. I know that's hard to do in first person, but it would have improved the story.

* The book has a lot of short chapters, which got kind of annoying. It's not a technique I see often, and I don't think it worked that well. It didn't make me not enjoy the story, but the impact of a short chapter is taken away when there are a lot of them.

* I found the book a little uneven in the middle - kind of up and down and without a lot of direction - but it was wonderful in the latter third, so that sorted itself out. I didn't like the middle as much, but it was still really interesting and kept me reading.

* The font in the Kindle book is kind of ugly. I would have preferred a more standard font.

Overall, I really liked it, and would happily read the second book. I loved the ending! The last chapter was wonderful. I REALLY liked Ryder. Damn. He was great. I'm too old to be in love with a teenage boy, but DAMN :)