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True of Blood (Volume 1)

True of Blood  - Bonnie Lamer, Xenia Kleinschmidt I mostly enjoyed this book. I thought the world the author created was amazing - the background of the Witches and the Fae was very detailed, and I loved the way the magic worked. The concept of a child born who could reopen the Fae realm was fascinating. There was so much going for this book. It had so much about it that was great.

The reason I only gave it three stars, though, was that I found it to be quite uneven - both the characters and the plot. I don't mind that the book was short, as I like short books. But Xandra and Kallen both annoyed me, as they seemed to constantly change their minds about how they felt about each other, and kept going from arguing to kissing and it didn't flow well. I know teenage books can be written like this, but all the angst was irritating. Given the enormity of the situation of people trying to capture Xandra, you'd think they could stop bickering like children and get on with things. It was weird. I did enjoy their romance, but I wished it flowed better.

And the plot seemed to contain too much for such a short book. I loved that people were trying to capture Xandra to open the fairy realm. That was great. But then there was a prophecy, and Kallen's plan, and how he kept revealing more and more to Xandra, like he was holding back a huge amount of information. It all got too much for such a short book. I liked how it ended (althought I would have liked an epilogue or something), but there was so much happening for it to suddenly end how it did. It either needed a lot of the plot detail left out, or be a longer book with a different ending. It wasn't unfinished, just had too much which didn't need to be there.

Overall, I liked it, and am glad I read it. I did enjoy the romance. But I couldn't give it more than three stars.