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Books for 2014!


I’m currently working on two books at the same time: High Coven (High Witch Book 3) and Lucy’s Wish. I started Lucy’s Wish a fair while ago but stopped working on it when I got stuck, then I started High Coven. I’ve gone back to Lucy’s Wish for a while, but I imagine I’ll be working on both books for a while until they’re eventually finished. While I should finish both books this year I imagine they won’t be published until 2014. Hopefully early 2014! But we’ll see. I’ve written about half of each book and will work hard to finish.


I’m sorry I don’t have a blurb for High Coven yet but as soon as I have one I’ll post it online. The book is going pretty well but I have a lot of work to do!


Lucy’s Wish is going pretty well also. I’ll have to edit it a lot when it’s done but I like it. I’d previously posted a blurb on my blog but I think I’ll have to rewrite it, as the blurb doesn’t work too well right now. But there’s time for that! I confess I’ve fallen slightly in love with the hero of the book, Warren. Lucy seems to be always getting him out of the troubles they fall into but he’s so sweet and kind and handsome that I adore him! Are you allowed to fall in love with your own character? Probably not. Oh, well! Silly Mona :)


Bye for now! Love, Mona ♥