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Weary Traveler

Weary Traveler - J. S. Bailey

I read this story some time ago when it used to be on the author's website. I thought it was well written, but was saddened by the ending, and wished it ended differently. I thought the story should have been longer, could have been more, and thought the point it made was too sombre.

But now, a long while later, as I'm struggling with so much in my life, this story came to mind. I came so close to giving up today. My heart was so low, my spirit so downcast, I felt I'd tried and tried and had gotten nowhere after all these months. I wasn't going to end my life but I just felt like giving up, not striving anymore, that I was never going to succeed and that my life was meaningless.

Then I remembered this story, about how the main character felt towards the end, about how she was in such a desperate, destitute state with nothing, but was SO CLOSE. It reminded me. Don't give up. Success might be just around the corner. Relief might be just around the corner. The striving is worth it. The pain is worth it. Just don't give up, you could be so close!

While it's not the most entertaining story I've ever read, and it is very short, this story saved me today. It saved me. Gave me hope when I really had none. I'm so glad I read it. The point is valid, strong, and worthy, no matter how sombre. Don't give up. You could be so close.

Worth a read.