Mona Hanna

Fantasy/romance writer Mona Hanna. I like kittens.

My books have been rated 200 times on Goodreads!

I've received 200 ratings and 73 reviews on Goodreads, and my books have been shelved nearly 7,000 times. I know 200 ratings isn't a lot for some authors, but for me it's pretty special. 200! Woo! I'm really grateful that people have taken the time to read my books and it makes me really happy, even if they think the books are crap. I'm especially pleased with the books being shelved nearly 7,000 times. Well, that's utterly smoochable.


Wish I could write like Pusheen! <3 As for how many times my books have been shelved on BookLikes - damned if I know. Lovely site but book stats are crap. I am appeased, however, by the abundance of kitty pics I find on here. Mona will always be appeased by kitties :)

I&#8217;m writing my first book!