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It's too damn hot

Stupid summer. In the lovely state where I live we keep getting days where the temperature is over 104 degrees (40 degrees celsius). It's been over a month now with these stupid hot days coming and going, and when it "cools down" in between it's about 87 degrees (31). That's not a cool change, people. Oh, and to make matters worse...


We don't have air conditioning.


So you can imagine how god damn hot it is. I have cold showers and when I get out I'm sweating in ten minutes. I keep squirting my cat with the hose haha because I want him to be cool. Summer in Australia is always really hot but never this bad. All they keep talking about on the news is bush fires burning out of control. Luckily I don't live anywhere near the bush. I don't know what the hell is going on. On the other side of the world it's friggin' freezing, and here we're melting.


Fuck you, mother nature. (Sorry for swearing bad Mona).


Anyway, this has nothing to do with books so I'm going to shut up now. Mona sad :(