Mona Hanna

Fantasy/romance writer Mona Hanna. I like kittens.

10 things about me

I thought I'd do this too even though I don't have many followers :)


1. I LOOOOOOVE kitties. I have two cats and I love them very much. They are my best friends. I like to give them smooches and cuddles.


2. I live in Australia and have lived here my whole life. I've moved around a lot and lived in four different states.


3. My parents are Egyptian. I can't speak Arabic, although apparently I could when I was really little, then I started school and forgot it all lol :) I can cook some Egyptian food but don't know too much about the country really. My Mum doesn't like to talk about it.


4. I take medication for depression but have been doing fine for a fair while now. I used to suffer from depression terribly but a combination of therapy and finding the right medication has helped me a lot. I haven't suffered a bout of depression in ages and, even though I'm a melancholy person in a lot of ways, I'm mostly happy and able to work well.


5. Kitties! Sorry, but I really love them. Okay, I also like bunnies :)


6. I'm very overweight but have recently started exercising to improve my fitness. I don't care if I look huge but I don't like being so unfit, so I at least want to exercise so I can walk down the street without feeling out of breath. I used to diet a lot - since I was about 14 to my early thirties, but decided to just be myself, even if that meant I was fat. I do want to be healthier but am no longer obsessed with being skinny like I used to be. I feel emotionally better being big, and I just hope my health can slowly improve a little.


7. I have crazy Egyptian hair. Insanely curly if I don't brush it, and very frizzy if I do :) I'm almost 37 but my hair hasn't started to go grey yet, but now that I've typed that it'll probably be grey soon haha!


8. I haven't gotten married or had kids, and it probably won't happen for me. I'm okay with that. Relationships scare the crap out of me. I don't want to lose myself to another person. I want to be me. I honestly am happy on my own, although I do miss cuddles.


9. I'm a writer and have published some spiritual non-fiction books and now write fantasy/romance books. I know my first fantasy books weren't my best work but I can only learn as I go, and try to make each new book better than the one before. I'm grateful for everyone who has read my books, and super thankful for those who have taken the time to write a review, even if it was negative. Thanks guys :)


10. I'm a Christian and wouldn't have much self-esteem without my faith. I've gotten more love and nurturing from God than any people in my life. That's kind of why I'm happy without a man, because I have love in my life, real love.


That's it! Smooches :) <3